5 Expert Tips to Select the Best Engagement Ring

You are ready to make a commitment of lifetime and it is time to say ‘Yes’ to the proposal made by the love of your life. This is the best time of your life and you hardly get time to think about anything else but your future partner. However, if you learn from those having experienced this beautiful time, then it is time to focus on your engagement ring. It may sound little strange, but if you believe the experts then you would know that it costs a lot and you don’t want to go wrong with the ring selection. You have ample choices to make as per your budget, but the most popular ones are the gemstone engagement rings. These rings are costly but they make a mark of lifetime. 

So, now when you have taken a step ahead and have decided to buy an engagement ring then here are some expert tips to follow. 

  • Metal You Prefer

This may sound simple but you need to finalize on this aspect before deciding on the ring design. Based on your metal choice, you will be able to figure out the gemstone and budget of the ring. If you are allergic to certain metals then tell your partner beforehand to avoid unpleasant surprises. Metal selection can also be made based on the budget. You can also select the metal based on your use, as you would keeping this ring on your finger 24X7, and you don’t want the metal to lose its luster. 

  • Shape and Size

Shape and size are very subjective. Some people like their rings very small, while certain others would like to have a big size ring on their finger. Choice is yours! Again, you may want your custom wedding bands to find space on your finger along with the engagement ring. It is good to keep a provision for wedding band while selecting the engagement ring. This will save your energy in future. 

  • Budget and Carat 

Budget and carat go hand in hand. If budget is not at all a problem, then decide the carat size you want to opt for. In case of diamonds, you need to check carat and clarity to fit your budget. You can get a larger stone if you compromise a little on the clarity. Similarly, if you are very particular about the clarity of stone then it is good to go low on carats. 

  • Measurement

You are going to wear this ring all the time and comfort plays a major role. You don’t want your ring to slip off your finger, while you would not appreciate a ring that too tight to be comfortable. Get the measurements checked by the experts.

  • Certification

Whatever type of ring you purchase, certification is the key. Buy only certified product as you want your ring to last for the lifetime. Buy from genuine sellers to ensure life-long guarantee of the ring, just like your relationship. 

Now when you have made up your mind to select the best engagement ring, go ahead and make your choice. 

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