Great Halloween Costumes You Can Really Find Amusing

October 31st comes the scariest holiday of the year and between tricks and treats, friends will be terrified with the Halloween costumes we’ve picked out for your kids. Black and orange, actually represent summer camps and winter darkness. And it must be emphasized that in the beginning it was a really nice and cheerful holiday: it was the Romans who identified this day with the feast of the dead. Of course the Halloween Costumes are essential there.

Fairies and Elves Were Not “Grudge” ​

From this custom, people in America adopted the tradition of “candy of your life” according to which, to avoid bad luck, knock on 13 different doors and set the big question 13 times.

Jack’s Lanterns: Legend has it that the blacksmith Stringy Jack sold his soul to the devil to pay the debts he had accrued by drinking. The pact stipulated that the devil would leave him alone for ten years, but Jack died on Halloween night the following year: Haunted both from heaven and from within, Jack wandered between the two worlds carrying a “torch” in a carved pumpkin to to make oneself light.

Do you understand why the October 31 we dress up with pumpkins, witches, ghosts, zombies, vampires and monsters of every kind? Are you ready for the scariest night of the year?

The Correspondent Bride and the Vampire

The more you grow up, the more you can indulge in the most macabre themes.

Zombie Bride child is the dead bride or “corpse bride”, so renamed after a famous movie, is the height of fun and the outfit consists of a dress and a veiled headdress. The costume perfectly reflects the model in the picture and is available in three sizes (Small, Medium and Large) but some moms report that it fits a little tight, so please pay attention to the measurements at the time of purchase. This is an excellent choice also because of the interesting price and quality ratio. The demon slayer cosplay Costumes are perfect there.

But A Big Question Among You Is: How Do You Make A Halloween Costume?

Here are a number of costumes to make:

Dracula outfit: the first Halloween costume that you can make very quickly and easily yourself is the Dracula outfit. Take an old suit from yourself or your father and make sure you tie it with a bow tie. Then you comb your hair (if you have hair) tightly back with some water or gel. Then you grab some makeup or some paint and make your face white and your lips red. You can then finish this by painting some fake blood near your mouth.

Ghost Outfit: With a ghost costume, you must first dress in white. Works best with a white dress or with an old sheet. Then you paint your head up to your neck completely white and then make your eyes and mouth black. Be sure to comb your hair very wildly. And voilà, you’re a very scary ghost.

Zombie outfit: this outfit is probably the easiest, as you can basically use any outfit you want. It is often useful to grab some old and broken clothes. You can also choose to make some extra holes or create some burn marks in the clothing. You can also paint your clothes with black and then dry them. This has an even better effect. In the end, you paint your face white with dark bags under the eyes. You can paint some blood stains with red face paint. You can then mess up your hair.

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