The Right Way To Wash Human Hair Wig

Even though Remy human hair wigs for women have their cuticles intact, they still undergo much processing, making these hairpieces more fragile than your natural hair. This is even more reason for them to get proper care and maintenance.

With the right women’s hairpieces, you can get a hair unit that looks and smells great with a lustre that speaks volumes. Washing your wig the right way is the first thing that you should focus on when using human hairpieces.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when you want to wash your human hair wig the right way:

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Avoid Over-Washing Your Wig

Washing your wig really depends on how often you wear it. You can wash your human hair wig after 7-14 wears or sooner if you notice it becoming dull, limp, tangled, or sticky. It should definitely not have a strange smell to it. Then you know that it’s definitely time to wash it.

However, remember that the rule of thumb is never to overwash your human hair wig. This will only lead to damage and shorten its lifespan.

Detangle the wig before cleansing

Before washing your human hair wig, it is advisable to detangle it using a wide-tooth comb or soft nylon bristle brush. You need to take extra care to cob the wig out gently so that no damage is caused to the hairpiece.

Start by combing out the tips of the hair first to avoid pressure on the roots, then work your way up to the base of the hair unit. If there aren’t too many knots, you can also detangle the unit using your fingers.


You should always use cold or lukewarm water to wash wigs for women. This will prevent matting and shedding. Also, it’s best to rinse a human hair wig while holding it from below, under running water.

Cleansing & Conditioning

A wig-specific or wig-friendly shampoo is recommended to help your women’s human hair wig look its best. If you want to use a regular shampoo, ensure it is for color-treated hair and free from parabens or sulfates.

There are two ways in which you can cleanse your hairpiece. First, take a coin-sized quantity of shampoo and lather it on your palms before gently smothering it over the hair strands. Make sure to spread the shampoo evenly so that the entire wig looks rejuvenated.

Alternatively, you can create a cleaning solution to extend your hair’s protection. Make a mixture of cool water and a leave-in conditioner. Pour the solution onto the wig and use your fingertips to spread the mixture evenly. Do not rinse out.

Conditioning human hair wigs is very important. Use liberal quantities of wig-friendly conditioners to seal in the moisture onto your hair strands.

Keep the conditioner from sitting long in a wig (especially blonde human hair wigs). After cleansing and conditioning, rinse the hairpiece under running water until it clears.


Human hair wigs can be blow-dried, but to prevent heat damage, it’s advisable first to towel dry the wig by gently squeezing and draining it of excess water without rubbing the strands against each other. This will only cause friction and shedding, so it’s better avoided. Let the human hair wig dry overnight on a stand, letting the base dry out completely.


Use hot tools or style the wig only when it is completely dry. Avoid any unnecessary tugging, as this will damage the wig.

Now that you know the right way to wash your wigs at home, go ahead and pamper your hairpieces.

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