What Is So Special About Denim Zippers for Denim?

Everyone nowlives in an interesting world where technology is seeing and undergoing changes in the blink of an eye to the point that it is mind-boggling.

Can you still remember the first day you saw a fax machine working and found yourself wondering how a piece of paper passes through the phone lines only to come out on the other end? Mind-blowing, right?

However, despite all the technological changes that the world has gone through, there is no denying that zippers have remained quite steadfast.

While it is true that there have been a few minor changes, in general, zippers have remained the best closure of choice through the years.

And together with these zippers, denim also continued to bea mainstay in the world of fashion. Have you ever wondered what is so special about the denim zippers meant for denim?

The Unique Beauty and Functionality of Denim Zippers

Truly, zippers that are made for denim or simply denim zippers are almost the same zippers that are used for other types of garments. More often than not, the teeth of these denim zippers are made from brass. A quick visit to will make you get a good idea of the brass metal zippers that are mostly used and intended for use in denim materials.

Considering all sorts of torture and processes that denim has to endure before and even after it reaches the end-users, brass metal zippers are pretty good when it comes to holding up to all the abuse. The biggest difference here lies in the slider used.

The denim slider is often called a “YG” slider. These YG sliders are a type of flatlock slider witha slider body made from a single solid piece of brass. The zipper pull has some sort of tension on it helping it stay flat and preventing it from dangling freely.

If you will try to compare the YG slider to other types of zinc die-cast sliders, you will notice that the die-cast slider features more moving parts, unlike the YG slider that does not.

The solid brass construction is actually meant to endure theregular denim washes and at the same time, ensure long years of use.

Today, a #4 is the most popular gauge size for the fly of jeans although there are instances when #5’s may also be used if the design in question calls for a larger teethappearance.

There are also some instances when some apparel brands may also opt to use a die-cast zipper. By far, it is an erroroflong-term quality. Based on experience, the die-cast slider is going to fail much sooner than expected than a YG slider or regular denim zipper. This is especially sowhen the denim will have to go through industrial washes in order to achieve a certain look.

It doesn’t matter if you are a designer, trim buyer, or product developer, you are now armed with some helpful knowledge about zippers that will help you make better and more appropriate choices for your specific apparel pieces.

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