What to look for while buying salon chairs?

Buying chairs for your salon could be exciting as that is the basic of every salon. Without a perfect salon chair, you cannot perform any activity in the salon. A good salon chair adds comfort and convenience not just to the customer but also the hair expert. Buying salon furniture is easier once you know the basics of buying it.

Salon chairs like the Lanvain barber chairs make a perfect deal as such brands have all the components that a salon owner looks for. Other than comfort and convenience, there are many other features to look for in a perfect salon chair.

What to look for while buying salon chairs?

  • Set a budget:

Running a salon requires good financial budget. Thus, you must set a budget for everything that includes how much you would invest in salon chairs. Once you have fixed a budget to spend, stick to it and look for brands within that range only.

  • Prioritize the features:

Various brands will show you a list of features that may or may not be similar with the rest. Make a list of features that you feel is most suitable for your salon. Few essential features to look for in salon chairs include comfort, warranty, durable material, and high-quality fabric.

  • Look for warranty options:

Brands offer warranty on their products. Some manufacturers offer 5 years whereas some offer up to 10 years of warranty on their salon equipment. Check the warranty offered on your preferred brand. The warranty you get, the better for your salon chair.

  • Avoid pre-used furniture:

Avoid purchasing salon chairs and other furniture that is pre-used. No matter how great the deal looks to you, the wear and tear would be always near and you may end up spending more on the repair or replacement. Buying budget-friendly chair that are new is worth the investment than pre-used stuff.

  • Compare maintenance:

Salon chairs are used frequently and more often at salon. These are one type of furniture that requires daily cleaning and maintenance. Choose fabrics that are easy on the maintenance part. The fabric of your salon chair must be easy to clean from the stains of chemicals like dyes, bleach, henna, etc… Ask your manufacturer the type of fabric used in your salon chair. Generally, the vinyl or polyester is the best option.

We hope now you have every aspect prepared to buy the perfect furniture for your salon! 

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